Nov 16

Raymond & K’Lanie’s Story (August 2016)

KLanie Reyes
Lincoln Charities assisted Raymond Bryant in August 2016. Raymond works as a Maintenance Technician at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas and has been a valued team member with Lincoln Property Company since 2014. Raymond is a U.S. Army Veteran honorably discharged after 18 years of service.

Raymond and his wife raised his two-year-old granddaughter K’Lanie from birth for nine months after she was removed from her home for allegations of abuse. Late last year, she was returned to her parents by the authorities. Tragically, K’Lanie passed away in August just weeks before her third birthday due to injuries that resulted in a coma leading to her death.

Lincoln Charities was honored to help the family pay for some of her funeral expenses, and we join the Bryants in their request for rights of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren. Our hearts and prayers go out to them in this tragic time. Raymond has started a petition for change that can be found here. The goal is to reach 100 signatures, if you have a moment to spare:


May 16

Debbie’s Story (April 2016)

Lincoln Charities - Debbie Perez

In April of 2016, Lincoln Charities assisted Debra Perez. Debbie works as an Assistant Maintenance Technician at Escalante Apartment Homes in San Antonio, Texas and has been with Lincoln Property Company since 2005. Debbie is a valued member of our LPC team for over 10 years and was awarded with an official Gold Medallion this year.

Debbie was dealt a blow when it was discovered that husband Jesse was diagnosed with Stage III throat cancer. Jesse receives weekly chemotherapy and daily radiation. Since he has so much trouble swallowing due to his condition, Debbie has to manually crush his pills in order for him to take them.

Since Jesse can’t work now due to his treatments, Debbie’s income is solely responsible for supporting herself and Jesse. Debbie’s income alone was not able to cover all their bills and the new diet that Jesse has to follow. They were starting to get behind.

Thanks to the generous donations of Lincoln employees, Lincoln Charities was able to assist Debbie and Jesse by covering their past due and current monthly bills and groceries. This assistance will take some of the pressure off Debbie as she and Jesse follow his treatment plan.

May 16

David’s Story (February 2016)

In February of 2016, Lincoln Charities assisted David Serrano. David works at the front desk at the Patterson Court property in Orlando, Florida and has been with Lincoln Property Group since 2013. The Business Manager at his property describes David as hard working, loyal and dedicated to his work.

So in January, when David suffered a heart attack Lincoln Charities wanted to help. When David suffered from the heart attack, he was originally scheduled to have two stents replaced. However, surgeons discovered the damage was more severe, and he instead required open heart, triple bypass surgery. The more invasive surgery meant David would be unable to work for three months while he fully recuperated.

David and his wife, Maria, have two children, and his income is solely responsible for supporting his family. Before the surgery he had exhausted his paid vacation time, and was now facing several weeks without pay. In addition to his monthly expenses, he will now have his out-of-pocket medical expenses and prescription costs to contend with as well. The costs were more than his family would be able to pay.

Thanks to the generous donations of Lincoln employees, Lincoln Charities was able to assist David’s family by covering his monthly bills and the out of pocket expenses related to his heart attack and surgery. This will enable David and his wife to focus on David’s recovery and getting their lives back to normal.

Mar 16

Diane’s Story (February 2016)

Diane Brown and her parents
In February of 2016, Lincoln Charities helped Diane Brown for the second time. Diane has been with Lincoln Property Group since 2010 and is currently a Leasing Professional for Sevona Park Row in Houston, Texas. She has won multiple service awards and is well liked by her coworkers.

In 2015, Diane suffered a string of tragedies that put a strain on her finances. First, in March, her father passed away at the end of a long illness. The funeral expenses were more than her mother could afford and were put on a payment plan. At that time, Lincoln Charities provided assistance enabling Diane to help with the expenses her family endured after her father’s death, including funeral expenses, medical bills and their monthly expenses, while they were waiting for his VA widow benefits to kick in.

Then, Diane broke her arm, and used all of her sick time to recuperate. So, when her mother died unexpectedly in November, Diane was already out of vacation time and extra funds. But, she went to Kansas with a rental trailer to clear out her parents’ home and make funeral arrangements. Also, her sister had never lived away from her parents, and she had to help relocate her to an apartment in the town where she already lived Kansas, so she could start a life of her own.

Between the funeral costs for her mother, moving costs for her mother’s effects, her own medical bills, the moving costs for her sister and other expenses related to these tragedies, Diane did not have the means to pay these debts. She had also begun to fall behind on her own monthly bills, and had not yet received all the medical bills from her broken arm.

Thanks to the generosity of contributions to Lincoln Charities, we were able to provide Diane with enough money to settle her family’s debts and get current with her own monthly bills. This way, she can focus on getting back to work, getting her own life back to normal and helping to make sure her sister is safe and doing well on her own.

Jan 16

Daniel’s Story (November 2015)

Daniel Rico In November of 2015, Lincoln Charities helped Daniel Rico (pictured above, on the right) and his wife Olivia. Daniel has worked in the San Antonio area for Lincoln Properties since 2004. He began as a groundskeeper, and through his hard work and dedication, he has become a Lead Service Technician. In 2013 he won the Spirit of Lincoln award.

In June of 2015, Daniel sustained a knee injury at work that would require surgery to repair his torn meniscus. However, before performing the surgery, knee surgeon required Daniel to have his heart examined to ensure it was healthy enough for the procedure. During this exam, it was discovered that Daniel had a serious heart malfunction and he would need heart surgery to place stents in his artery before he could be cleared for knee surgery.

These extra exams took precious time, and even though Daniel now knew what needed to be done to regain his health, his health insurance coverage expired because he had been out of work for so long. And the cost of the heart procedure was not an expense he had the financial means to cover. Because he no longer had insurance, the orthopedic surgeon who was going to repair his knee cleared Daniel to return to work, ending his workman’s compensation payments. However, the cardiovascular surgeon would not release Daniel to work. So, now he could not work, and no longer had workers compensation.

During this time, Daniel’s wife Olivia suffered a stroke and had to take unpaid time off work to recover. She has since returned to work, and it is the only income they have at this time. Her income is not enough to cover their regular monthly expenses, not including the medical bills that had begun to accumulate.

Because their income became so drastically reduced, the Rico family has depleted their savings and 401k, and borrowed money from family. While this enabled Daniel to pay for COBRA insurance and get his heart surgery scheduled, the family was still behind on their mortgage – facing foreclosure – as well as behind with other bills and expenses.

Lincoln Charities was able to help Daniel and Olivia Rico. Funds were provided to cover the deficit in their monthly expenses, as well as past due mortgage and mortgage insurance, COBRA costs and out of pocket medical expenses so that Daniel could focus on getting through his two surgeries and back on track.

It is because of payroll deductions and other donations from our employees that Lincoln Charities was able to help the Rico family as well as many other dedicated Lincoln Property Group employees who require assistance when tragedy occurs. All of us thank you for your generosity.

Jan 16

Brigido’s Story (November 2015)

Brigido Ferrer
In November of 2015, Lincoln Charities helped Brigido Ferrer. Brigido has been a groundskeeper at The Village in Dallas, Texas since June of 2011. He is known for his positive attitude and work ethic. His co-workers and residents always have kind things to say about Brigido.

Unfortunately, in June of 2015, Brigido fell off a ladder while repairing a ceiling fan at home and broke his wrist. Because his arm was in a cast while recovering, he was unable to work for the three months while it healed. He followed doctor’s orders and made sure to receive his physical therapy treatments so that he could regain use of his arm and return to work.

Brigido lives with his wife and adult son. While they both work, neither has full time employment, and his lack of income meant that the family was not able to cover their monthly expenses. The Ferrers were able to come up with enough money to cover past due car payments and prevent the car from being repossessed, but they were still behind on other bills like electricity and their mortgage.

Brigido has returned to work and his wife is looking for a second job. And, while they are glad to have their health and be back at work, there are still several overdue bills that they cannot pay.

Lincoln Charities was able to cover Brigido’s outstanding medical bills and past due expenses so that his family could return to normal. It is through the generous donations to Lincoln Charities that we are able to help Brigido Ferrer and his family, as well as other dedicated Lincoln Property employees who may need a helping hand when an emergency occurs.

Jan 16

Bob’s Story (November 2015)

Bob Staff LCIn November of 2015, Lincoln Charities helped Robert Staff. Bob is a maintenance supervisor with Lincoln Military Housing in the Mid-Atlantic Patuxent River installation in Maryland. He has worked for Lincoln since 2012, and has a reputation for being a hard worker; earning two promotions within his first year of employment and recognition as both Service Tech of the Quarter and Maintenance Supervisor of the Quarter.

In the summer of 2014, Bob suffered from an abdominal hernia that has been causing him tremendous discomfort. Upon seeing a physician, he discovered that the hernia had caused so much damage to his abdominal wall that he would require reconstructive surgery to repair it. To make matters worse, the physician was concerned that the reconstruction, while providing relief, would make any future abdominal work nearly impossible. And, therefore, he was recommending a colonoscopy be performed prior to surgery to rule out any further issues that would need attention prior to the reconstruction. They also recommended removing his gall bladder and appendix during the reconstructive procedure.

Bob and his wife are gravely concerned about the financial impact of this course of events. There has already been considerable medical expenses, and more will come as a result of this complex surgery. While his wife also works full time, they do not have the savings to cover the expenses. But, he knows that the surgery is necessary to save his life.

Bob saved his sick and vacation time to use during his recovery, and his wife was able to take a week of paid leave during this time to care for him. However, there will still be weeks where they cannot meet their expenses.

Thanks to the generous donations made to Lincoln Charities, we were honored to provide assistance to Bob Staff and his wife by covering their out of pocket medical expenses and shortfall in covering their monthly expenses so that Bob can focus on his recovery.

Dec 15

Solomon’s Story (October 2015)

Solomon Toa 2
In October of 2015, Lincoln Charities helped Solomon Toa and his family. Mr. Toa has been an employee of Lincoln Military Housing since 2010. He began as a painter at the Vista Del Sol property in 29 Palms, California and is now a maintenance technician there. His managers and coworkers appreciate his can-do attitude and positive energy. So, in May of 2015, when Solomon was involved in a very serious car accident on the way home from work, his team was concerned for his well being and the care of his family.

Solomon lives with his wife, their two sons, and their five-year-old grandson. His wife, Allison works as an instructional aide at the local school. His older son lost his job right before the accident and has stayed home to care for Solomon so that Allison can continue to work.

In the accident Solomon suffered a broken neck in two places and a spinal cord injury. He underwent surgery where his damaged vertebrae were fused together and metal plates were implanted into his neck. After a week in the hospital, Solomon was dismissed and his doctors and family believed that with proper care and physical therapy, he would be able to return to work in September. Unfortunately, Solomon developed an infection in his back that required fresh dressings twice daily. This significantly stalled his healing process. That in turn had serious medical and financial implications. Because he did not return to work, his insurance was terminated, and the cost of COBRA to continue coverage was beyond their financial abilities. Additionally, without insurance, Solomon could not pay for the therapy necessary to heal and return to work or afford his family’s medications. This included his pain medicine for his back, as well as the medicine his wife was taking. Without the pain medication, it was extremely difficult for Solomon to have any kind of rehabilitation therapy.

Because his initial doctor prognosis was that he would return to work in September, his disability payments were discontinued at the end of August. He was clearly not physically able to return to work, but also lacked the funds to re-visit the doctor.

The longer Solomon was out of work, the harder it became for the Toa family to pay their monthly expenses for rent, food and utilities, as well as the medical and prescription bills that were piling up. Unsure where to turn while waiting for his disability payments to resume, Allison reached out to Lincoln Charities.

Because of the generous donations of employees, Lincoln Charities was able to provide the Toa family the with enough funds to cover overdue expenses for medical costs, prescriptions and utilities as well as to cover the cost of his COBRA payments while he finishes his recuperation. This way, the Toa family will be able to focus on restoring Mr. Toa’s health and getting their lives back to normal.

Nov 15

Danny’s Story (October 2015)

Danny Hernandez

In October of 2015, Lincoln Charities helped Danny Hernandez. Danny has been a team player on Lincoln Properties floating maintenance staff for many years. He has worked at Lincoln Properties since 1993, and relocated to the Duluth, Georgia office from Florida when it began to grow. Some months, Danny is on the road more than he is at home.

A string of unfortunate circumstances occurred over the past 18 months leaving Danny and his wife Tina in a critical financial situation. Danny had been dealing with a back injury for several years, causing him to miss a lot of work. Then, Tina fell while Danny was on the road and broke her foot. This caused her to miss work for six weeks. These two medical incidents created a financial hardship for the Hernandez family, as they had mounting medical bills and were unable to work the necessary hours. By August, they decide to sell their home and move into a rental property to save on their monthly living expenses.

By that time, Danny’s doctors had determined the knee replacement surgery he had been putting was now critical. While he had been working through severe pain for months, doctors believed waiting any longer to repair it could result in permanent damage. This was worrisome to Danny in that he had no vacation time remaining, and the recuperation from his surgery would mean another eight to 12 weeks where he would be unable to work.

When the regional admin in the Duluth, Georgia office heard about Danny’s situation, she knew that Lincoln Charities could help. Danny has a reputation for being a hard worker and a team player and knew that it was important to him to get back to work. Lincoln Charities was able to help Danny and Tina by paying their overdue medical bills and expenses, as well as covering their living expenses while Danny recovers from his knee surgery. This way, he can focus on getting healthy and back to work without the stress of unpaid medical expenses to weigh him down.

Thanks to the generous donations of people like you Lincoln Charities was able to help Danny and Tina Hernandez, as well as many others who have suffered due to unexpected circumstances.

Nov 15

Alec’s Story (October 2015)


In October of 2015, Lincoln Charities helped Alec Lea for the second time. Mr. Lea is a technician for Lincoln in San Antonio, Texas. During his more than seven years with the company, he has been given several awards for his excellent work including Assistant Maintenance Tech of the year in 2007, and the Spirit of Lincoln award in 2009. His wife, Michelle, is also a long time employee with Lincoln Property Group.

In January, Lincoln Charities provided financial assistance to Mr. Lea and his wife to cover the mounting medical and dental bills that resulted from the treatment of a rare form of jaw cancer called Follicoular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma.

Alec has recovered from his grueling cancer treatment and has returned to work. However, the stress of the situation lead Michelle’s doctor to recommend a leave of absence for her, so that she can recover from the stress of the past year. This leaves the Lea family with a single income that is not enough to cover monthly expenses while Michelle is not working.

Lincoln Charities was able to provide the Lea family with the funds to pay for their outstanding medical bills, as well as to cover the gap in their earnings while Michelle recovers. This will enable them to focus on getting everyone healthy.

Thanks again to all who donate to Lincoln Charities. It is through your generosity that we are able to assist valued members of our community like Alec and Michelle Lea.

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